About Us


Baby and V's Organic Folic Acid has been created by mum of two, Katy Rafiai. 

'After struggling to find organic, plant based supplements during both my pregnancies, I created Baby & V.

I wanted 100% organic ingredients, to give pregnant women healthier and better choices - both for ourselves and our babies. 

Whilst pregnant with my daughter I had a series of allergic reactions to Folic Acid tablets prescribed by my doctor. I was told that I couldn't get Folic Acid in a natural form and that all Folic Acid tablets were synthetic (artificially made).

What followed was years of research until I found a new and innovative way of extracting Folate from Organic Lemon Peel, through the process of water hydrolyses.

This changed everything for me. My Folic Acid levels soared, my energy levels increased and I knew I was giving myself and my babies a vitamin that was naturally nutritious, easy to absorb and that it was effectively supporting their neural development from something that was 100% plant based and 100% organic. 

It's taken quite some time to turn this into a reality for you all. I wanted to make sure that each tablet was 100% organic, including the bulking ingredients, which you can see are made from 100% Organic rice products and 100% Organic corn products.

There are no synthetic vitamins, no additives and no nasties.

Just 5 100% plant based, organic ingredients. 

I am so proud of this final product and I am privileged to be able to offer pregnant women in the UK a 100% organic alternative. I am incredibly passionate about healthy organic choices for women, especially whilst pregnant. Growing a baby and being a mum is the most important job we will ever do - so let's make sure we are giving ourselves the best.  

Going forwards, I promise to represent you in every thing that I do and I promise to deliver only the best organic ingredients in every Baby & V product.

Thank you so much for your support.’

Katy Rafiai

Mum and Founder