Organic Folic Acid. Pre-natal pregnancy vitamin.

Organic Folic Acid


Organic Lemon Peel

Our Folic Acid is 100% Organic and 100% Plant based, using a water extraction process.

folic acid key facts

Baby and V's Organic Folic Acid

Baby and V's Organic Folic Acid is made from Organic Lemon Peel, using a water extraction process which hydrolyses the folate from Lemon Peel into Folic Acid.

This means that you are getting the Folic Acid you need to support your baby's development, in a 100% organic, plant based form.


Folic Acid (Vitamin B9)

In case you're not sure of the difference - Folic Acid is the man-made version of the vitamin folate (also known as vitamin B9).

Folate helps the body make healthy red blood cells, it helps fight fatigue and is critical in supporting pre-natal development. It is more easily absorbed within body in its natural form.


Folic Acid and Pregnancy

According to the NHS Folic Acid helps your unborn baby's brain, skull and spinal cord to develop properly to avoid development problems (neural defects) such as spina bifida.

It's recommended that you take Folic Acid whilst trying to get pregnant and especially during the first 12 weeks of pregnancy.


Organic Ingredients

Baby and V's Folic Acid is made up of 5 organic ingredients. No chemical bulking agents. No additives.


from our founder

I created Baby & V’s Organic Folic Acid after suffering from a severe allergic reaction to synthetic Folic Acid tablets.

I was told by my GP Surgery that Folic Acid didn’t exist in a plant based form, and so I embarked on my own journey to find an organic plant based solution.  

I am so proud of this product and I am privileged to be able to offer pregnant women a Folic Acid that is 100% Organic.